Teach your children to play – Things do not always need to be so structured. Structure is important for most children but they also need free time to just be kids. They need to be free to run and play outdoors and interact with other children in a non-structured setting. They learn so much about life at these times, things that can not be taught out of books. Their imaginations and creativity soar when they have free time and open agendas. Do not let your child be so busy that they miss out on these opportunities for freedom and self expression. They also need the fresh air and exercise, just to feel the sun on their faces and hear the rustle of the trees in the wind is a wonderful memory as we grow older.

Time alone without technology –Another marvelous thing to teach your children is that they do not always require noise from televisions, radios, iPods, video games, or cell phones. They need to learn when they are very small that they have the ability to entertain themselves in quiet solitude. I heard a woman speak one time that gave me this epiphany. She had something like eight children and every day for her sanity and for the sake of her children learning to be alone she had a mandatory time out for them all. Each one would go to a place in the house alone without the use of technology and entertain themselves for forty-five minutes to an hour. The very young children would be napping but the older ones had to read, or play quietly in their rooms while mother did something on her own. I know that some people just do not know how to be alone or live in quiet to hear their own thoughts in this day and age. What a wonderful gift to give to your children.

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