Check with your tutor about the degree to which they’re happy for you to share drafts and get feedback you know there’s this this nice business between doing it all by yourself and getting feedback from people but especially in English is a second language to you your tutor would really appreciate you having a native speaker just go through it and make sure that the English is going to be clear another another native speaker okay so that’s writing drafts but this is the more practical things they’re going to talk about all of these in a little bit more detail we’ll talk first about paragraphs on it don’t worry about the finite verbs and the pronouns and the active voice then we’re going to explain what I mean by those.

For those of you who are under 55 which is everybody and who didn’t do this a primary school like I did with paragraphs only one idea to a paragraph so if this is if your essay about the I 7 election is going to be looking at these three reasons why labor might have one and then ending up concluding that the work choices one was the most important one there would be at least three paragraphs I’m sure there would be a lot more but you wouldn’t put two ideas in the same paragraph the idea is no more than one idea in one paragraph but on the other hand you don’t want your paragraphs to be too long if you find that bidding you’re typing you’ve fooled up a whole a four page and it’s all the same paragraph it’s too long go and break it up because people look at it nothing oh my god I can’t get through all that but if it’s in chunks they’re going to be reading along happily so break em up and it’s alright to have multiple paragraphs dealing with the same idea it’s not alright to have many ideas in the same paragraph and you introduce a paragraph with a topic sentence you didn’t think of a paragraph is a kind of baby essay.

And the first sentence is like the introduction to the essay and in this the glass of the essay and then the last sentence is like the winding out bit so you think of a paragraph and all paragraphs will follow that model but starting off with a topic sentence now here’s one that might be this essay about why did label win in 2007 and here is a para about the Iraq war now that sentence I’ve underlined is the topic sentence it’s clear from the context that it’s going to be about the war as an issue in the election and that just says watch out now this paragraph is now going to be about the role of the Iraq war now I know because I have this problem myself that students often find getting from one paragraph to the next a little bit of a hurdle how do you make a sentence that links one paragraph with the next.

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