I have one client two last application cycle when I look to her am cast her previous am cast application I couldn’t find any issues or any possible red flags that would have held her application back because she didn’t get any interviews but when I questioned her further she admitted that she had waited a month and sometimes up to six weeks before returning secondaries because she was also working full-time law applying so that alone can really put you at a significant disadvantage so make sure that you said your application within two weeks any questions before we move on so for those of you listening do you have any questions on the basic information about secondaries before we move on you know we have a couple of questions here Matt asks why is that essential why is it so important to the schools that the applicant responds so quickly well Matt so it’s important because it demonstrates that you have genuine interest in attending their school for you to submit a secondary Alisha I don’t hear you Alicia Alicia you’re sound went out let’s just do a second. Read more articles on applications at Robotdon.

I’m sure she’ll she’ll get back in there okay okay you have shown me interest interest to return the secondary in such a timely manner so it’s essential that you get that secondary return within the two weeks it shows interest for the school it shows your dedication it shows how serious you are about being a student on their campus and they see that you know as very important in moving you forward through the interview process okay now New Leash asks is it is it the same two weeks even if the school doesn’t have rolling acceptances doesn’t this that’s is there any circumstance let’s put it this way where the two where the two weeks is not so important that’s no exception yeah I would make sure for every school that you plan to submit a secondary return a secondary to that it’s really important to get it within the two-week limit okay Alex asked was it necessary to submit secondaries before your MCATs is verified maybe even we had a question earlier this week maybe even before the person has the MCAT score is it still important to submit secondaries with this two-week schedule I’m sorry can you repeat the question Alex asks is it necessary to submit secondaries.

Before your M cast is verified example receiving guessing there is days after you’ve submitted the MCATs are getting the automatic the automated secondaries and I mean we had a question on Twitter also about submitting secondaries before they even get their MCAT smore Wow yeah I would still so typically you know your application has to be verified before you get secondaries so they’re saying they’re getting the before or after the verification process alex is getting it before it’s been it’s been verified yeah yeah typically your applications are verified so if they’re sending them out even earlier that’s impressive and so I would still stick to the two week timeline even in that case.

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