Learning English

There are so many fears that you can experience when you first enroll in an English course that you would probably want to quit before starting your first lesson. I won’t lie to you. The truth is that it’s not easy to learn a new language. The process is hard but it is even worse when you have had a previous traumatic or boring experience at school, or you have tried and spent lots of money and time in institutes or courses that have promised to make you learn English with personalized lessons, programming your own schedules, bla, bla, bla… and at the end you feel frustrated because you cannot understand, follow or converse with a real native speaker!  You will soon find out that you know tons of words but you cannot put them together in even a short conversation.

Am I right? ok then. If you want to succeed at learning a new language you have to start being an active member of the process.  It’s not enough to go to a 2 hours class 5 times a week (sometimes less). You need to explore around and start working extra time. You need to use an online essay checker to avoid mistakes in your writing. Of course it doesn’t mean it has to be boring!  Think of what kind of activities you enjoy the most and turn them into an English adventure! Music, videos, TV programs, magazines, MSN, Facebook and others, might be a helpful and fun way to learn it.

Don’t be afraid to get started!  Take the challenge!  You will soon discover that speaking English will open the door to a new world of possibilities and experiences that you will surely love!

If someone says “Couldn’t have gone much better” what does that mean?

Just thought it might be worth posting this. An old client of mine emailed me this question and here’s what I thought.


If someone says “Couldn’t have gone much better” what does that mean?

Is it , “it was great”?

I understand “Couldn’t be better” but the sentence above is using the third conditional.


“Couldn’t have gone much better” means that of all the expectations you had of a particular event, it was the almost the best expectation that happened.

For example, if you were taking an exam and you had a range of expectations, perhaps scores of 45%, 55%, 65%, 75%, 85% and after taking the exam and getting your score back you got 83%, you could say “Couldn’t have gone much better”

We also say this after interviews etc., if the interview went well and in response to the question “How did it go?”