After you have read the instructions you know what type of paper you need but you will have an essay which has approximately one structure similar structure it consists of introduction body paragraphs and conclusions three important parts which are found in each and every se are going to write so why do we speak about this outline at all when you have the instructions you have to think on the exact outline for your paper you know that in the introduction you will have a hook a background information and a thesis statement then you know that you’re going to have some of paragraphs but you still don’t know which yes because you haven’t done the research yet and we know that you will need a conclusion. Plan your essay with Edusson.

At this point I advise all my students and they do appreciate this piece of advice to do a little calculation yes do you follow me please put something in the chat okay so what is a turn person true our introduction and our conclusion should not be longer than 10% of the whole paper 10% for introduction 10% for conclusion and the rest of the paper is for body paragraphs so now we come down to little calculations for example you have to write 600 words which makes two pages you know that in academic writing one page is for 300 words yes so what calculations you do you do 600 – introduction 10% – and person for conclusion so you have 484 three body paragraphs yes so you can calculate how long each of your paragraphs should be 160 about 160 about 160 yes for each paragraph you have so to develop your point you have 160 don’t write more why these calculations are important is for you to understand how much information from the research we have to collect to write this 160 now imagine another variant you have 2100 words to write which is seven pages again you take away introduction and conclusion and you have 1700 for the main body part again divided into three sections.

Yes usually our supports of three yes they may be for it may be two but the norm usually they are three so you know that for the development of each supporting point you have 560 obviously by 560 is almost the whole paper two pages it can’t be one paragraph you need several paragraphs to develop one point yet let’s move on so we have our steps you have read introduction you have created an outline and now you know that you need three supporting points and you need this much information to cover them then you come down to research yes research is our third step we do but the meaning of research depends on the type of the paper you have to write and it actually differs for different types of papers so the first type is school asses and some asses we write for tests in them we have to share our opinion give examples from life you don’t need sources so whatever research looks like it is brainstorming.

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